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hey there its your friendly crusading dragon here. nice to meet you all and to see you in our many adventures. ^.=.^

youtube games/twitch games eventually.

stellaris jade empire neverwinter nights divinity original sin 2 skyrim eso the wolf among us greedfall cyberpunk 2077 pokemon sword and shield digimon cyber sleuth metroid prime series undertale deltarune berserk the last guardian shadow of the colossus god of war series a plague tale innocence Mario world 2 yoshis island 1-2 legend of zelda wind waker legend of zelda twilight princes legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 animal crossing dead space series dragon age Mario odyssey legend of zelda link to the past medievil ghosts of tsushima hollow knight swtor death stranding bulders gate 1,2,3 werewolf the apocalypse earthblood spiderman miles morales horizon zero dawn terraia terminator resistance star wars squadrons. legend of zelda hyrule warriors age of calamity. pokemon heartgold/soulsilver no mans sky evil dead the game colisto protocall evil west


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We do lets plays, stream apex and read stories. come take a look and join our crusades over there through many adventures.


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panels and emotes: new logo: be right back page art: background image: overlay is costume stream elements customizations. chatting art done by

about me

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im just an average gamer who loves games, movies, the usual nerdy stuff and a variety streamer. i love playing games for fun and just relaxing playing them so why not show the fun to everyone else and even some regular campaign streams to. im not a professional gamer but that doesn't stop me from having some fun (believe me i will die a lot in any game i play) any ways i hope everyone enjoys anything they see and have just as much fun as we do :-) many games we will be playing will be anything from fantasy to sci-fi, from horror to fps.


Panel Content you can check me out here and i will probably just be posting memes nerdy stuff there but am happy to chat there if ya ever like. also other social instagram: twitter:


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#01: please no racism sexual insults or hatred to me or anyone else in the chat. #02: have fun and enjoy the streams and feel free to chat anytime. #03: hints or tips are welcome unless said not to by all means ask all the questions you want. #04: enjoy all you want and if you have any other ideas by all means give me a whisper and i will see what i can do. thank you


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feel free to give a follow for silly game-play of me or me and my friends either failing badly or just having fun playing games of any type or follow for my game-play of certain games in the campaign and see what adventures, horrors or action packed battles we will find ourselves in.


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Monday - Sunday at 10pm PST


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not necessary but always appreciated