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Hello and welcome! I'm Draskia or Maggie. I want to share happiness and spread positive thinking. I also draw a lot.

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# Hello! I'm Draskia! ╰(✧∇✧╰) >>I am an artist, mom and gamer looking to share my passions with new friends and old. Feel free to ask anything! ♥ Hit that follow button so you don't miss a stream ♥ Business email: ♥ ****** **FAQ** ♥ *How old are you?* 832 years young! ♥ *What do you use to draw?* My hands. :) Nah really- A digital tablet and ClipStudioPaintPro. **Fun facts:** ♥ I'm the poster model for Joico color butter. I'm a print model!! ♥ I have 3 kiddos, 3 cats, and a dog. ♥ My favorite game of all time is Link to the Past. ♥ My favorite movies are Horror. ♥ I live in Arizona and yes it is hot. ♥ I love food.
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# Support in any ways is *never* expected but always appreciated♥ >>Support via tips, gifts, using codes, or subscriptions mean so much to me and my family. ♥ ♥ [Send a gift | Improve the stream or brighten Draskia's day]( ♥ [Steelseries | Use Draskia10 for 10% off]( ♥ [Sign up for HumbleBundle | Give to charity support Draskia while getting deals on games]( ♥ [Gift a game for Draskia to play | Might not be played on stream but maybe will](
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