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Last live 5 months ago

I'm Mike (who would have thought). Avid gamer since way back when. Welcome to my stream. You can expect to see Fortnite, Fall Guys, various solo games and many other things. Thanks for checking me out!

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Welcome to The Hot Zone! Just your average 29 year old gamer here trying to spread joy with the awesome people here on Twitch. I have been playing games for as long as I can remember since my first console (Sega Megadrive II). I am and most likely always will be a console gamer currently using the PS4 however I do dabble in the occasional PC game. As well as being into gaming my other pastimes include; cooking, baking, playing guitar, general tech and travelling. The aim of The Hot Zone is to provide a community where we can all be ourselves and have a good time. I will make a fool of myself regularly on stream all in the interest of having a laugh together.


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Check out my Twitter. This is where everything going on in The Hot Zone will be posted!


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This link allows you to make donations to my channel however there is 0 expectation to donate, sub, gift or give anything in anyway. Any contributions generally go towards the channel.