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Thanks for checking out my page! I stream usually on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday whenever I get a chance! Currently playing through the Darksiders games! Come check it out! IG: daniel_saur


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#Thanks for joining in on my stream! I really appreciate you checking in on me. My love of video games, and interacting with others has led me to creating a Twitch channel! I hope you guys stick around! Enjoy!


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Well if you enjoy the content, and want to support the channel this is where you can do that! Obviously it is no where near necessary! I genuinely appreciate all tips you're willing to provide. Thank you!

About Me!

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My name is Daniel! I'm currently living in Salt Lake, Utah. I have been playing video games for pretty much my entire life. I love them, and they're a great way for me to relax and enjoy my time. I am also a huge Theatre nerd! I love everything theatre. I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful new daughter! If there's anything else you would like to know about me, just ask away!


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1. Stay positive - I don't like negative Nancies or Nelsons, so please keep it happy. 2. No insults - I hate bullies. If I or one of my moderators catch you calling anyone any names or derogatory names, you will be banned from chat. 3. Retard, Fag, and Fagett are big no-nos -I absolutely hate those words. Again, if me or one of my mods catch you using these in the chat, you will be banned. 4. Self-Advertisement - If you would like to Advertise yourself, then go for it! But if it get's too much I'll ask you once to stop. After that it's a ban. 5. Please communicate in English. It helps both me and the chat to be able to properly communicate with you. 6. Respect - Please respect me and those in my chat. 7. Of course, Have fun!


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All music in my stream is provided by the very talented Kevin MacLeod! That guy really knows what he is doing! You can find the list of music I'm using below. Long Road Ahead, Long Road Ahead B, Angevin 70, Angevin 120 loop, Black Vortex, Curse of the Scarab, Fiddles McGinty, Minstrel Guild, Moorland, Pippin the Hunchback, Undaunted, Volatile Reaction, Clash Defiant, Galway, Heavy Heart, Hidden Past, Killers, A Mother's Love, and Ryno's Theme, *Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0: By Attribution license.


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Twitter - @Dsdude323 Instagram - @daniel_saur YouTube -