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Yo it's your boy Duck! Mainly speedrunning games for your enjoyment trying to push myself as far as I can go. Otherwise enjoy some react content (Pog) and some blind playthroughs of popular games from time to time!

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**Banjo-Kazooie 100% FFM** - 1:59:28 **Banjo_Tooie 100%** - 4:36:55 **Banjo_Tooie any%** - 28:55 **Ocarina of Time any%** - 24:40 **Star Fox 64 any%:** - 25:48.2 **Super Mario 64 16 star** - 17:37 **Super Mario 64 70 Star** - 55:45 **Super Mario Galaxy any% as Mario** - 3:10:57
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Trying to stream 6-8 hours a day starting at 7 PM EST. May take some weekends off.
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Youtube, Twitter, and Discord baby, the best there is.
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