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Hi I'm Durrp_Derrp and welcome to my channel come in lurk,chat,laugh and have fun watching me be dumb lol. Love ya all and thank you for all the love and support. ART/EMOTES BY WISPLEBUD, PANELS/EMOTES BY NATSIX, IN GAME AVATAR BY DERPY HOOVES WITH CONCEPT OF AVATARS DESIGN BASED OFF WISPLEBUD ART.

# **HI, I'm Voice Fur!** + I likes to make people laugh, My over all goals right now are to grow the stream/grow a community. + I Stream VRChat mainly but also play other games with Friends.
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#**Mon. 6pm-9pm - Sat. 6pm-9pm** + *Stream times subject to change do to work or doing co-stream/co-stream with friends.* + **Weds. No stream. But is a followers/Discord/friends game night. Games to be picked in voice chat/text chat in channel discord.**
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#*Donations are not necessary to give but if you do they are very appreciated. Thank you so much!*

!Big Thank you!

Thank you Wisplebud And Natsix, for all the art that is on the channel. You guys are to sweet. Also Big Thank you to Derpy Hooves for the avatar Made by Derpy and based off of wisple art.