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My mind is just a simple lo-fi beat on repeat..

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Grew up playing video games most of my life and dreamed of being a content creator like all of my favorite YouTubers/Streamers. I started doing YouTube for a short while before wanting to engage with a live audience which brings me here to Twitch. Outside of that I work as a medical utility worker full-time to bring in just enough to get by. When I have any free time I like to draw or read.
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I absolutely do not want any drama in my chat. I will not be listing a set of rules or guidelines to follow. I expect everyone to treat each other kindly. I don't hesitate when it comes to sorting out the bad actors in chat. You have been warned.

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Donations are never necessary but are appreciated but be aware they are non-refundable. This is the best way of supporting me since Twitch takes a big cut of the revenue that streamers make which is the biggest of dumbs.


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