I'm Dyanketo, a speedrunner, tournament organiser, a mod in a variety of channels, but overal an idiot who likes to play all sorts of games =D


This will ofcourse be under construction, so I typed everything out I wanted on these panels first before I stick images to them! So expect images and reworks to arrive later~ (imagine adding actual panels!) (which i did...) (imagine adding even more from time to time)


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I don't have any specific schedule I want to stream at, but it usually is in the evenings around 9~11pm GMT+1 or translated to 8~10pm UTC+2. (21:00~2300 GMT+2 or 20:00~22:00 UTC+2)
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Hey y'all. Welcome on this part of information that's dedicated to me. That's a whole lot of text I can fill up with a bunch of nonsense! Jokes aside. I like playing a variety of games. I usually get stuck on 1 game before moving on to the next. They can be from any console to be honest. I like metroidvanias, platformers, exploring stuff, RPG's, yeah just add about 70% of genres in here and kick out horror and sports and we're usually good to go. Currently taking a break from Cyber Shadow. Exploring other really cool games! Making a list of speedrun games below here, in due time.
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Common chat rules: - Don't be toxic. Ofcourse the occasional trolling and being an ass is ok, just don't overdo it =/ - Keep it English as much as possible I might throw in the occasional dutch words by accident I think. However keep it English as much as possible so everyone can enjoy the chat and stream~ - Arguments are fine, as long as they aren't directed or indirect insults. Me or my mods have the power to just remove the message and warn you if this occurs. - No selfpromotion Let me or my mods handle this. Pretty obvious why. - Rules might be added or removed by me or my mods. By being in my chat you are aware that you are exposed to almost all kinds of possible conversation topics, unless asked to not discuss about it to keep things civil. - Be lucky What? Yes, roll 20. . . - Go fast, get a new PB and most of all, have fun and goodluck!