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I like music, games, movies, The NYSE, good honest friends, even when I'm not. I stream when I can... We will see if if becomes more than an occasional hobby. The future is unknown. LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP ME SET UP MY TWITCH PAGE NICELY. Can Pay using Paupal or CashApp. Dm Me please. Thx

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Im working on editing my old stuff and refresh of page coming soon AGAIN! Plus possible schedule, oh my I'm growing up more, lol. Twitter Handle: @DYNAM1C_KN1GHT Twitch Handle:: DYNAM1C_OUTLAW PSN Tag: DYNAM1C_OUTLAW

[MY RIG] Current Gaming Equipment & Setup

Computer Operating Sysytem: Sony PS4 Pro Connection: Wireless System Speed: GiG Modem: Comcast Router: Monitors: SAMSUNG 55' 4K Flat Panel Apple MacBook Pro Communications: 1. Apple Air Pod Pros 2. BEATS Studio Pro 2. Turtle Beach PX24 3. SONY Pulse Elite Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound
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Click the image above to follow me on twitter! This is were you can contact me the easiest! Share hashtags & even DM me. Please feel free follow Twitter as well as Twitch. Current Twitter Handle @DYNAM1C_KN1GHT
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Click on the image above to check out my YouTube channel. I use it mostly just to subscribe & like Game tips and tricks etc. If you have great game video suggestions or would like me to create certain content just let me know what you think & I'll see what I can do. I hope to possibly create more videos in the future on YouTubes platform.