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A few things I'm passionate about which is pretty much who I am: Playing Video Games, Video Game Design, Music and being a Musician myself, also Audio and Electronic Engineering!


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This is a place of possibly many memes and chill hang out stuff. Feel free to come join and continue the fun before, during and after the streams! :D


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I don't really promote this sort of stuff during my streams cause I'm not that kind of person. This is here for those who wanna help me and my wife out. Life can be rough and this just makes it a little bit easier :) Thank you!
Panel Content has a very wide variety of games and runners. Pretty much a never ending fix to your speedrun watching needs!
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I occasionally post about Legends related stuff or etc. Also a decent place to contact me via DM's
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Mega Man X 100% 38:53 Mega Man Legends Normal Any% (N64) RTA 51:04 IGT 45:57 Mega Man Legends Normal Any% (PS1) RTA 52:00 IGT 44:12 Mega Man Legends Easy% (PS1) 43:41 RTA 37:03 IGT Mega Man Legends 2 Easy% (PSTV) 1:30:13 RTA 1:23:55 IGT Super Mario World 11 Exit (Glitchless) 12:15.8