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professional violinist, dedicated nerd and filthy casual gamer. multi-instrumentalist folk musician and loopstation enthusiast. he/him pronouns

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One of my earliest memories is of riding in the back of my family's 1992 Volvo station wagon, listening to Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery on cassette, and feeling moved beyond words by Vivaldi's A minor concerto. By the age of 5, I had convinced my parents to get me a violin and I've been playing since. Nine years ago I began my journey as a professional musician, and it's been an incredible ride. It is a joy to discover the community here on twitch, and I'm grateful for all of you. Fun Facts: - I play (in order of competence) violin, viola, mandolin, guitar, nyckelharpa, bass, piano, cello and banjo. - The violin I play was passed down to me by my maternal grandmother. - Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game franchise - My favorite color is blue, and my favorite shade of blue is ultramarine - I have a pocket of water where the left temporal lobe of my brain should be, to no apparent ill effect.
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Join The Fiddle Cafe to give me feedback, request that I learn songs, get transcriptions of tunes I play, and more!

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If you'd like to buy me or Rose stuff, I'm not here to stop you c:
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Mostly nature and cat photos with fiddle tune videos
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Donations are never required and always deeply appreciated. Donations help me keep making music and improving the stream! Click the image above to donate in USD, or if using crypto use the addresses below: BTC: 1BsNH9HpRQyijM7RAxZr23nmJFwMz1rBd1 ETH: 0x81740E394B9D4f212cFde7a17B5296Cef5A5Da10


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