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A nice man once said that my soul is a Sun Stone. I still think of him today and I hope he is doing well.

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My name is Elly I am here to meet people, play games and create a good community for all. I was born in California and I have a Capricorn Stellium in my 5th house of Fun and Entertainment, so I was pretty much born for this. ;p I went to college in New York for media production. I have a B.A. of Arts & Science with a double Minor in Theater and ASL. For my "day job", I work set design/management in theme parks and also as an Assistant Director for live shows and conventions across the county. I'm here because from the age of 8 years old, I always wanted to have my own TV show where I could share my talents and sense of humor with the world in a fun environment that I create. Feel free to join the !discord and share memes. (no nsfw) Anyone is welcome here as long as they follow the rules of the channel. "I have nothing but time and imagination."


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(Special Alerts for $6.66 and $100) Text to speech at all $5.00+ donations All donations are final. Thank you for your support! Please consider donating [here]( on PalPal directly or subscribing to my [!Patreon]( / [!Fanhouse]( accounts instead of Twitch subscriptions. (This way Jeff Bezos doesn't take half of your money. lol) If you would like to subscribe, you will have access to all of my awesome emotes and the sub discord channel. you can also post links as a subscriber and watch my channel ad free! I accept crypto! LOL BTC: bc1qlwntsfw242yfj52dcqleejm4ewuvxmk6pas9xk I also have been studying Astrology and the !Tarot for over 2 years now. Feel free to ask me about getting a reading sometime! $10 for Tarot readings and $20 for connection spreads between you and one other person. !tarot for more information! any dono of $250 or more can request a game I own (or am gifted) for me to play live on stream if it's appropriate with Twitch's TOS. For $100 donations, I will turn on Facecam if it's not already on for that day lol


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This is my job- Be decent and respectful. ^This means no to the following: negging for attention, false-entitlement, comparing me or anyone in my community to others or "joking" about serious concerns such as self-harm or personal issues. I am a content creator, and in order to produce good content I will not talk about my personal life. (Where I live, my past, etc.) If these rules are broken, we will not hesitate to remove you from the chat. Thank you for agreeing to respect my privacy. No asking to play games with me because I do subscriber game days often. I will ask you to play if I want someone to join in. No talking about age for your safety and mine. If there is something personal you need to discuss, reach out to me or a moderator. No SPAM or rude self promo No backseat gaming/spoilers Enjoy the stream :3