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ElShanker streams Fortnite, VALORANT and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Chat Rules

CHAT RULES: - If you come to talk trash, make it good. Because if it isn't funny or original, you might be banned - NO SELF-PROMOTION. Come on guys, I can't give you my two viewers. I need them. - Respect the streamer, or don't, but make sure you read the first rule because that's on you - Respect the mods, VIPs, and everyone else (running outta rules at this point) - DO NOT discriminate we do not tolerate being racist, sexist and or whatever else counts as discrimination. YOU WILL BE BANNED. - As stated above, we do not discriminate, so it doesn't matter who or what you are, and no matter what you look like. You come to talk shit, you can get it too if you don't get banned right away and I choose to entertain the situation - Have fun and don't be shy to say hi #Bars. Get involved and we will do what we can to have the best time possible even in the darkest of days. SO LET’S GET IT GOING! WELCOME TO THE SHANKER INDUSTRIES.
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This Of Course Is How You Donate To Me. Donations Are Never Asked For But Always Appreciated More Than My Words Can Ever Express. That Being Said, Do Not Feel Like You Are Obligated To Donate. The Donations Will Go Towards Improving The Stream Quality ASAP And Of Course As A Form To Just Support Me, Which Again My Words Cannot Truly Express My Gratitude. <3 <3 <3 Ps- (There Will Be No Refunds On Any Donations So PLEASE Donate Responsibly Do Not Steal Mommy's Credit Card Or Anyones For That Matter Thank You.)