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Just having a good time playing a bunch of games :) “I hope you’re vibing, jiving, I hope you're having a lovely wonderful day!!” (she/her)

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My name is Emily and I live on the East Coast of the United States! Personality type: INFJ I love Nintendo games with all my heart, but I am trying to branch out to other games! We love talking/playing games on stream! I also sometimes start talking about music non-stop because I am a Music Major :) Favorite Games of All Time: • Paper Mario (64 & TTYD) • Mario Galaxy • Breath of The Wild • Animal Crossing (WW & NH) • Undertale • The Last of Us Favorite Artists of All Time: • The Beatles • Billie Eilish • Corpse Husband • Muse • Radiohead Top Movie of All Time: • The Lord of The Rings (Movie&Book)

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If you'd like to help the stream directly you can choose to send a tip! I really do appreciate it, and would help me improve my set up and buy shiny new equipment to give you all higher quality entertainment! :) 。 ★★Please note that all donations are non-refundable, and by choosing to send funds, you are acknowledging that you are not receiving a physical product or service!★★


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My banner was made by the talented Hatterpillar !! Send love their way <3

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Where we get the AMAZING music from!!