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Hey, I'm Endgame3729! I play all different genres of games. My goal for this channel is to have fun, chat with viewers, and just talk about games! Follow for more adventures and come game with me!


If you would like to donate to me directly, use the link provided to be able to. Thank you for any donations as it does help the stream and giving more options to improve it!

Chat Rules

Super Easy Rules To Follow: 1. Be respectful and nice to one another. I don't care if you make jabs at me, but respect each other as a growing community! 2. Enjoy yourselves and ask questions if need be! 3. Have fun! The most important rule!


Check out SOVEREIxN and use code Endgame for 25% of any purchase made. Also check out RAID: Shadow Legends to get started today! Links for both are in my about me panel above!

About Me

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Hello and Welcome! I'm glad you are here on my channel and I hope you enjoy my content. For this channel, enjoyment and fun are what I'm hoping to bring to everyone's day. Please, join me on my adventures and craziness that will be sure to come our way. Check Out and use my discount code for 25% off: ENDGAME

Notice About Music

Any used music on my channel is provided by Dark Fantasy Studio. I bear no claim of the music as my own but have been permitted to use it with my channel. Music is also provided by HTTP:// Thank you!