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Last live last year

Come enroll in the Enoversity and learn a thing or two about how to suck at video games! We have fun first, and lose second. Always playing with other people, so expect only the weirdest of conversations to happen behind mediocre gameplay and a chill atmosphere!

Rules and Regulations

1. Be nice, we don't tolerate douchbaggery here at EV. Keep it fun, keep it fresh. Let's have a good time and keep positive attitudes. 2. Don't be Racist/Sexist/Misogynist/any of the other bad ~ist words. We don't need that type of negativity 'round these parts. Let's keep it frfiendly, homies. 3. Let's not spam the chat unless we encourage it to you guys! I wanna be able to hear you and respond and I can't do that effectively with spam! 4. Let's have a good time. No Debbie Downers welcome! Lets get that serotonin!

Welcome to the Enoversity!

Welcome to the school of the hardest knocks. The Enoversity is the most prestigious school of mediocre gameplay coupled with a fun environment and laughs with friends! My Name is Eno, and this is my channel.