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Deep voice. Chill vibes. Gaming. Bi. Any pronouns. British. Let me show you cool things! :D


**Are you LGBT?** Yes, I am bisexual and use any pronouns **How old/tall are you?** 25 and 6'3/192cm **How can I contact you?** You can DM me on Twitter ( or or email me through my business email here: (Please, business only) **When is your birthday?** January 9th **What is your favourite colour?/What colour are your eyes?** Greenish-blue **Is Eret your real name?** No, my real name is Alastair **Do you have a PO Box?** Eret 1360 S Figueroa St Suite D, #477 Los Angeles, CA 90015


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Donations are hugely appreciated and help me continue to do what I do! Thank you so much! :D $1 = TTS (pls don't donate if you can't afford as there are no refunds)

My Discord!

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You can join my personal Discord server by clicking the image or by using this link: I am very active here, so if you want to ask me anything or suggest something for a stream, here is the place to do so!


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Merch! :D

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