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(he/him) Your favorite inconsistent streamer! King of Twitch! I play games and drink Coke! Enjoy!


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YOOOO! I'm John. Most people call me erra. I'm a music producer/DJ but video games took over my life. (he/him) I am a variety streamer and I play on PS4. I hope yall enjoy my streams! Drink Water! Trans Rights! BLACK LIVES MATTER! Love yall! Affiliate: 4/25/20


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- My streams are 18+, so there will be some cursing and other adult themes! - Be respectful to the mods and streamer. - No Racist/Homophobic/Transphobic comments in my chat! - No Bullying. Roasting between friends is fine, but if one person gets too uncomfortable, that has to STOP! (If you ever feel uncomfortable with what someone says in chat, whisper me and I will deal with it.) - No spamming links to your wack ass mixtape (ain't NOBODY gon listen to that!)


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I finally have a Discord! I always post on discord whenever I go live! Come join! Hope you bring snacks tho!


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I tweet dumb shit most of the time. My tweets are FUNNY AF! (well, i like to think so) I don't have a streaming schedule but I will always tweet when I go live. Follow me! please?


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My favorite games I like to play: Apex Call of Duty Skyrim Fallout Tony Hawk Pro Skater GTA San Andreas


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If you want to donate, you can donate here. I really appreciate it!


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I make music under the name Saint Coke. If you're interested, check out some of my songs! Enjoy!


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If you want to gift me something, here is a link to my Throne Wishlist! With Throne, content creators can safely receive gifts from gifters without having to show any personal information. Gifters can also be anonymous.