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I'm just a streamer who loves Rosalina, Nintendo, Splatoon, playing games, and meeting new people. I speed run Mendel Palace, currently have the WR. I also speed run Splatoon 1. Currently working to get better at both.


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Hi! I'm Eternal Blue and welcome to my channel. I'm just a casual streamer who loves Nintendo, Rosalina, Pokemon, Splatoon, and meeting new people. I will try to stream any day I can. Life is complicated at the moment.


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This is my twitter. If you want to get in contact with me, this is most likely the best way to do so. If I get enough followers I will start posting when I stream on there.


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This is my Youtube. I generally upload random stuff. I have some smash related videos, Splatoon, and random music. I hope you enjoy!