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Just a goofy boy trying to find his way around Twitch. You can expect a variety of content from me, but most days we'll be playing games (anything from casual party games to speedruns).

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Don't feel pressured to subscribe, but thank you x100 to those that do <3 Subscribers get these benefits: - exclusive emotes - sub badges - access to sub-only chat on the discord - no ads - access to the following sound commands: !ok, !victory, !whoops, !cavesound, !monka, and !soulja
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Please follow the rules listed here or the mods may time you out/ban you. They aren't anything crazy, but keeping the chat clean is a must. Thenk. - no harassment towards streamers, chatters, viewers, etc. - be kind and respectful to everyone - no hate speech - don't be creepy - no advertising - listen to our mods, they're in that position for a reason - no spoilers, but if I'm stuck and need help feel free to give tips
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Here's a link to my donation page, through donating you get to use TTS to have your message be read aloud to me. Thank you for supporting the channel in any way you can.