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Husband & wife team ❤️ Sometimes we're making DIY projects on YouTube, and the rest of the time we're playing games here!

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90% of the time, we start streaming between 1 and 3 PM CST, every 2-3 days (and stream for 2-3 hrs) Follow us on Twitter for go live notifications: [](
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Husband & wife team ❤️ Sometimes we're making [DIY projects on YouTube](, and the rest of the time we're playing games here!
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Check out our edited [gaming highlights here]( And feel free to give a nice slow clap to our editors, they are awesome people If you want to watch the full archives of our streams they are available on our [gaming uncut channel](
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Want to help us do more of what we do? Thanks so much! Here are some ways: - [Patreon]( - [Merch]( - [Shop our fav Amazon items]( - [Leave a tip]( - [Humble partner code](
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Chat came up with a name for themselves, and that name.... was Kevin. Kevin is a combination of our names (Evan and Katelyn) but also, our first epic Minecraft saga was a frantic quest to save our dying village, which we did by resurrecting zombie villagers, all of whom we named Kevin. Y'all can hangout more with our community [on our Discord](

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We've added auto generated closed captions for those who are hard of hearing. For more info and how to turn them on and off check out our FAQ: [](

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Chat Rules:

1) Be kind, keep it classy and family friendly. No explicit language. Respect the streamers and viewers (Kevins). 2) No self-promoting, spam or large emote chats (keep it to 2-3) 3) Most Nightbot commands are mod only in this chat so please don't spam them. 4) If you want to chat more or ask questions, stick around until the end of the stream, when we do the "Afterstream" and we will have more time to talk. 5) We are all Kevins on this glorious day! Note If you're coming in with the intent to be a troll, our mods will deal with you before we even see it so this is not the place for you.
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