Filthy casual gamer, dabbler in woodworking, bit of a painter, and all around strange fellow.


Play nice with others. Don't self-promote. No Religion/Politics.

About Me

Just a guy who spends some of his free time sharing his hobbies with people on the internet. Mostly painting minis, although I dabble in more traditional painting and woodworking so I may work my way into showing some of that on stream. Disclaimer from the start, I stream from my phone. Due to living at the end of the interwebs and having too many tall trees for a nice dish setup I dont have access to the best internet in the world. Solution? Take advantage of unlimited data on my phone. Downside? You know all those cool, snazzy transitions/overlays/screens people use? Yeah, that isn't really an option. I just hobohobby along with what I can cobble together. So if you notice me struggling to keep up with chat, it's probably because my laptop has fallen off the trashcan it was balanced on and I haven't gotten it set up again so I can read chat. You have been warned.