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Hey! I'm Emily, I do variety streaming! I hope that you stick around for more! Read the about me section for more info!


- I'm 17 y/o - From Ontario, Canada - I'm new to streaming so pls be patient w/ me - Just a struggling highschool student who likes to play games :D I'm still working on a stream schedule, but I try to stream 1-3 times a week :)


- NO Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, overly political/religious talk! - Don't be creepy pls - No s/o unless mods are cool with it, but u can s/o all u want on my disc in the self-promo channel :)


PLEASE check out the suggested streamer section and shine some light on their channels! they've helped me along my journey and have been super supportive, would not be here without them <3 But... I appreciate every single one of you who follows and chats with me on stream! your support means the world!


- First Stream: 1/5/22 - 50 Followers: 1/14/22 - Affiliate: 1/14/22


⚠️DONATIONS STILL IN PROGRESS⚠️ lol pls donut feel the need to donate, but if u do it will go towards my education, saving up for university, books e.t.c!