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i'm ezra or ez! 23 years old, trans and Chinese-American. I mostly play Apex Legends and Valorant! I'm here to have a fun time and hang out :D he/they pronouns pls


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Donations are greatly appreciated but not necessary! Feel free to donate if you're feeling generous :)


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1. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and abusive language is not tolerated and will result in a ban. This is an LGBT+ friendly channel. 2. Respect pronouns. People that deliberately misgender folks will be banned. 3. Don't overshare information. Stay safe! 4. Please don't give out unsolicited advice. I know I'm not the greatest gamer, but I'm here to have fun and improve at my own pace. 5. Let's keep things fun and friendly! Don't be a jerk :)


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Hi everyone! I'm Ezra. I'm trans and use he/they pronouns! I'm a casual gamer and like to chill out and play video games whenever I have free time. Talk to me about anime, video games, music, and life in general! I like interacting with chat and meeting new people :)


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Twitch icon done by jo! Check out her twitch channel and twitter! @polliwoog Pixel Art Occult Magic overlays and panels are credited to BizarreBeasties on Etsy. Check out their shop for more!