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Mediocre gameplay mixed with a semi-funny caster is the perfect recipe for twitch right? At Least, I hope thats how this whole thing works

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Never expected, Always Appreciate Non-refundable!
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Im a 22 Year old Florida man just having some fun playing some games! I play mainly shooters but I really enjoy an enthralling story/ Relaxing game from time to time. Come by any time, Lurk or Chat, Do as you please, but please relax and have a good time!
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Be kind to your fellow chatter and pretend its the family dinner table, somethings we dont just talk about, and other topics we ease into because we want to have good conversations about the world and thing going on. I will prompt when I want help, if Im struggling and havent asked for guidance, please refrain from helping. When I want help I'll ask for it I promise