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Artist. Gamer. Game designer. Lurker extraordinaire. My name is Fable! I'm a *DRAGON* Vtuber, and I'd love it if you'd come join me for some comfy art streams, and fun games on the weekends!


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If you would like to commission me, please check out my Carrd! It has all the information you'll need to know, including how to contact me, prices, and what I will or will not draw.


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Donate if you would like! I promise to put the money to good use. Please do not donate if you are strained for cash. Take care of yourself first!


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Join my Discord! Get stream notifications, share your art and music, and come hang out with me! I also occasionally stream on discord :3 Catch me on stream to join Discord.

About Me

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Hello! I'm Fable, an amateur artist trying to become a game developer. I stream art and games here on twitch with some chill lofi vibes, and I hope you'll come join me!


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- Please minimize cussing, and no vulgar comments, jokes, or humor. I'd like to keep this channel as clean as I can. - Transphobia, Homophobia, and any comments relating to these or similar things are strictly prohibited. - Please avoid making drama in my chat. - Do not self-advertise unless I ask you to. - I appreciate help doing art and games, but I do have a general idea of what I'm doing. Don't treat me like I'm stupid :)