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hi, my name is Fauna! I paint digitally & play games on my Switch! Join me in the fun - and despite the fabulous nature of my channel we actually keep it pretty chill (with a sprinkle of chaos)


Hi, my name is Fauna and welcome to my channel! I use she/her pronouns, live in the USA, like cats, pasta, popcorn, and autumn. I like to make art with y'all as well as play Switch games! I have a cat named Valentine (who you will probablyyy see in all my streams already) but you can also redeem to see her as well.

my journey

**When did I first start streaming?** My first stream was April 10th, 2021 and we hit affiliate June 20th of that same year! The first game I ever streamed was Cozy Grove, but the first stream I did was of an ocean painting. **What have you streamed?** I like to stream a lot of work on my paintings! In addition to this games we have played includes: ☼ Cozy Grove ☼ Animal Crossing New Horizons ☼ Pokemon Legends Arceus ☼ Breath of The Wild ☼ Skyward Sword ☼ Triangle Strategy ☼ Jackbox ☼ Mario Kart 8 ☼ Gartic Phone ☼ Untitled Goose Game

subscriber benefits

when you sub to my channel you get: ☼ ad free viewing! ☼ 12 adorable emotes that you can use anywhere on twitch! ☼ my lil pancake stack sub badge! please don't ever feel pressured to sub though! gifts are always greatly appreciated but NEVER expected <3


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come hang out in our discord! I announce streams, we vibe, we play wordle, and we have movie nights!

my throne wishlist!

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if you would like to buy me a lil somethin somethin you can check out my wishlist here! <3

chat rules!

☼ Be kind & respectful to all ☼ Any racism or discrimination of any kind will result in a ban ☼ English only, please! ☼ Don't spam chat ☼ Please don't backseat game unless I ask! ☼ Listen to the mods and respect their decisions ☼ Please note you will not be able to post any links without permission from a mod/the streamer in this channel!

chat commands!

!lurk - show you're lurking !unlurk - will unlurk you !uptime - how long the stream has been live !followage - how long you've been following me !socials - my social media links !qotd - every stream has a question of the day, this is how you can find it !8ball "question" - you can ask the magic 8 ball a question! !discord - a link to my discord !hug - you can hug someone !sc - my switch friend code! !raid - my raid command! !quote - random quote from Fauna's channel !hype - shows the hype message!