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Last live last year

Just a chill streamer who loves making others smile! Chat, lurk, chill, give good vibes, whatever you wanna do. Just remember to stay chaotic!

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This is a chill environment where everyone can just come, be cool, hang out, and have fun! We are beings of chaos here but we show respect to one another and no rudeness or mean hearted comments will be tolerated! Feel free to comment, lurk or do whatever, but no matter what you choose to do... STAY CHAOTIC! Like my little mascot? He was made courtesy of my best friend/ twin Zarazabuza! You should totally follow her on here!
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Games Completed On Stream!!

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- Life Is Strange - Life Is Strange: Before The Storm - Mega Man X - Ratchet and Clank (Ps4)
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YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE A CENT TO ME!! But! Every little bit you do decide to give will go straight back into the stream and future giveaways for you guys! We're all a chaotic community here and I wanna give back to you! So if you wish to give tribute you may do so. The forces of chaos will be ever grateful!