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Last live 4 months ago

I am a Variety streamer and Trophy Hunter. I like communicating with all my viewers and showing support where I can to help everyone shatter their goals. I love to talk about sports! Come hang out and chat and lets grow the community together!

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My name is Fallinangel and I am a variety streamer. I trophy hunt and will play pretty much any game. I love hanging out with friends (they're all online). I love making new friends and chatting with everyone on and off stream. I am a part of a super supportive community that wants to help as many people grow.
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Don't be negative No derogatory comments of any kind Be kind and most importantly HAVE FUN!


I will be doing a birthday subathon ending with 4 $50 giveaways on March 11th-March 12th Ways to enter giveaway 1 sub = 1 ticket 500 bit = 1 ticket $5 dono = 1 ticket 1000 CP = 1 ticket
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All donations and money made off of subs/bits will be used to support the community and for making the stream better for you all.