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I'm a Valheim, 7 Days to Die, Sea of Thieves, BFV, NES and SNES Games and more streamer! Click the SCHEDULE tab for stream days and times. (subject to change) You can also check out my Twitter when I go live, Facebook Gaming page, Web-Site and Instagram page! See you soon!

Youtube Fishing

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Check out my Youtube Fishing channel for all your IRL fishing. This is where I have been lately!

About Me

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+ Dad, Gamer, general goofball. Terrible sense of humor. I enjoy fishing, building PC's, streaming, youtubing and short walks off of long piers! + Being a dad with several children, I do have my hands full at times which is why I only stream a few days a week. Maintaining a full time job aside from streaming is absolutely necessary. + You can click the images on each section for direct links.


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Help the stream out by purchasing your next EVGA gear using my link!
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Member of this small streamers community!

Hop on Discord!

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Join in on FaN's Dominion! Hang out, chat and be one with "The Dominion"

Youtube Gaming

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+ Check me out YouTube and like and subscribe too! I dont really post much content to YouTube anymore, but I'll at least try to upload past twitch videos to keep some new content there.

PC Specs

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Intel - i9 9900k Gskill Ripjaws V - 32gb DDR4 3200mhz Video -EVAGA - 3080 FTW3 MOBO - EVGA - Z390 FTW Cooler - EVGA - CLC 280 AIO PSU -EVGA - 750 Case - EVGA - DG-77 White Mouse - EVGA - Torx x10 Carbon Keyboard - Steelseries Apex 7 RGB Headphones - Steelseries Artics 7 Microphone - Beacn Monitors - Main - MSI 27 1ms 144hz (Optix G27C2) 2nd - Samsung 60hz (C27F390) Webcam - Logitech C920 Elgato Stream Deck