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Hello, I Am Fenotype82. I play variety/retro games on European Time Zone and time to time i try New Stuff For me. You are welcome to join stream as things might get Comical When I Try New Stuff. PS. My VIDEOS might not show on mobile devices.

Fenotype Origin

Fenotype Design + Super talented Myranda [Fenotype Design by myranda]( "Myranda")
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+ 1 [Darkgeus]( "Darkgeus") 8110 + 2 Titutz 2050 + 3 Reddfox58 1500 + 4 Aquastorm4 1000 + 5 lovelyorchid 600

Chat säännöt / Chat rules

+ Spammi, floodaus, trollaus, swearing, + racism or homophobic or sexist in here + is not allowed + Respect / Obey moderators + Dont post your personal info to chat, + as an example your phone number + Breaking chat rules might result + ban from chat + No Self Advertising unless I Allow It beforehand + I´m not streaming for me. I don´t do this to get more watchers and I don´t do music to make money, I do it For Fun.


+ Prosessori: AMD RYZEN 1800X + Emolevy: ASUS X370 PRIME PRO + Muisti:32Gb + Näytönohjain: Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 56 + Netti: Finnish mobilephone connection + GC550 1080p 60fps + Framemeister XRGB-Mini + PC, Amiga, Wii, Wiiu, GameCube, Commodore 64 ja Switch + Yamaha Ez-200 & M-audio usb uno + Suzuki GSXF 750 + BM-800 Condenser microphone + Behringer U-Phoria Phantom power + XP-PEN Artist 15.6 pro
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Lahjoittaminen ei ole pakollista eikä ole velvollista. Mutta jos haluat lahjoittaa, niin Kiitos lahjoituksesta. Lahjoitukset käytetään striimin kehittämiseen. Ei palautuksia. By no means should you ever feel obligated to Tip. But if you do, Thank You. Tips are used to evolve/develop stream. No refunds. No chargeback. #VILJU The Fox Commands: + !feed + !joke + !pet + !dance Music: Escape by Legna Zeg | Synthwave A New Civilization by Chris Huelsbeck The Yearning by Chris Huelsbeck The astraldimension by Fenotype82 Stock video by used under a royalty-free license


+ Original Experiment subject project number .:Fenotype82:., The one and true, elude cheap other numbers + I am Over 18 years old That is All What Matters, i'm straight normal Finnish person. + Fenotype design Myranda woof & me + Let's Bring Back The Future We Forgot + Creatures of habiT + Vulpes zerda/rueppellii + Casual play ja relaxing speed + Retro Amiga games ja c64 games + I play For FUN when i feel to play and stream when i play, you are welcome to join stream. + Metroidvania pelit, Legend Of Zelda pelit, Natural Selection 2, Amiga 500/1200 pelit, jne. + I have camera now =) + I am pretty much same person you see on stream as IRL. + [What Is A Furry or A Trekkie etc.]( "Explain what is anthropomorphic chracter")

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