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I'm Fern (she/they)🍃 I'm a queer content creator with a focus on cute indie games and good community vibes!! I love plants, fashion and books, and I own a worrying amount of Hatsune Miku figurines...

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#Hi, I'm Fern! *(she/they)* 🏳️‍🌈 I'm a queer cozy streamer and have been streaming since 2016. On stream I usually chat about my current hyper-fixation and play a variety of games! I love cute indie games as well as anything with a good story or puzzles. I focus on community and enjoy interacting with lovely people. ♥ #Things I like - Plants!!!! - Books about unhinged women - Old Tomb Raider - F i L m & cInEMa - Tea in **HUGE** mugs - Twin Peaks - Bratz - Fashion in video games (and in general) - Decorating - Character creation - Gilmore Girls - Digital art #Schedule Whenever I feel like streaming! I work full time, but do my best to be here when I can. ~
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#Links & info **[Twitter](** **[Discord](** **[Specs](** ###Business: []( **Platforms:** PC, Switch & PS4 (EU region)
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