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(She/Her) Adorably ferocious trans-girl Twitch Broadcaster with ambitions of softness. Streaming Tuesdays at 2pm PT.

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Artist Credits:

Artist Credits: Fursona Design/Art by [Stormy]( Fursona Emotes/Redraw by [Sevi]( Branding Art by [RabbitKun]( Animations by []( Emotes by [Rabbitkun](, [Uguubear]( Loyalty Badges (Antlers) by [Rabbitkun]( Forest Overlay and Bit Badges by [Aerlya Graphics 🌿](
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+ Created the first Trans pride flag emote on the Twitch Platform in 2016 + 5 years livestreaming fulltime + Made [FemmeFerocity]( , an initiative/team for female empowerment in Heroes of the Storm, competing up until the end of HotS's competative scene. + Created and organized a social justice related campaign against the inclusion of voice chat to Heroes of the Storm [Tweet]( + Organized a fundraising effort that raised over $28000 dollars for Translifeline October 2019 [Tweet]( + [Organized Trans heart october fundraiser in June 2021 , raising over $150,000 for TLL]( + [Organized Peer2Pride fundraiser in June 2021 , raising over $100,000 for TLL]( + Imagined and founded [Peer2PeerLive]( providing proof of concept for the demand for identity based tagging on twitch. + BS Chemistry/Biochemistry graduate + [Keynote Speaker at TwitchCon 2017 on Moderation](
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