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Fextralife is a gaming community & game news source fueled by a team of dedicated gamers! We play Action, Adventure and RPGs, some Survival & FPS too!. Elden Ring, Baldur's Gate 3 hype! Check out our 200+ Wikis, reviews on Youtube & more! This week STREAMS: New World, Genshin 2.0, The Ascent, PoE

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[Fextralife]( is a video game community and news resource fueled by a team of dedicated gamers. Our Streams showcase the many games we enjoy, hosted by Cas, Tyr and Yuria of Fextralife. [Fextralife Wikis]( is a collection of wikis made by and for gamers like you - check them out! * [Elden Ring Wiki]( * [Diablo 2 Wiki]( * [Diablo 4 Wiki]( * [Final Fantasy VII Remake Wiki]( * [Scarlet Nexus Wiki]( * [Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki]( * [Sekiro Wiki]( * [Nier Replicant Wiki]( * [BG Dark Alliance Wiki]( * [Monster Hunter Rise Wiki]( * [MH Rise Monsters]( * [BG3 Wiki]('s+Gate+3+Wiki) * [ESO Wiki]( * [Dark Souls]( * [Dark Souls 2]( * [Dark Souls 3]( * [Bloodborne Wiki]( * [ESO Guides]( * [DOS2 Guides]( * [MHW Guides]( * [Reviews](

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* No self-promotion or promotion of any kind * No flaming, no cursing (this includes random profanity at the discretion of the moderators in chat), no insulting * No racial, cultural, lifestyle comments/slurs. Period. Remember that this is a mixed community with diverse people. * No pornography, no links to pornography, obsence or nude images including hentai and cartoons/animations. * Be friendly, be helpful, Be gentle .


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