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Last live last year

Ohhhh, hello. Welcome to The Lair!! Feel free to stick around and chat! I stream Rogue Company & Warzone.

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Hey, Everyone! My name is Michelle and I am a Photographer who also loves to game! Love talking with new people and hopefully we can squad up! Disclaimer: IM WEIRD, YOU'RE WEIRD, WERE ALL WEIRD!
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1. Have Fun! 2. Stay Positive! 3. Don't be a jerk! 4. Racial Slurs or any form of Bigotry will NOT be tolerated 5. Have Fun!... did i already say that? 6. Trash Talk is acceptable... as long as it follows rule number 4!
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Subscriptions are not necessary, but very welcomed. Currently, i do not have a camera for streaming. I would like to make my streams as HQ as possible one day. All money potentially made will go back into this amazing community of lovely souls. Yes, you!