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Hey! I'm Fionna and when I'm not running communities, we play games! I focus on strategy and building games with some other stuff sprinkled in. Follow for Doggo Cam, stay for the games!

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Hey friends! Welcome to the Blanket Fort, grab a pillow and cozy up! We've been streaming here for 5 years now and while some things have changed here, the vibe is the same! I started this journey as a nerd with a passion for games and a streaming problem, to working in the industry and help build communities around those games!
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Rules here are pretty simple. 1. Don't be a dick. 2. Treat others with respect. 3. PLEASE, unless I ask, don't backseat game. 4. Listen to me or the mods, no means no.
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Thanks to all of you, between my channel and Viking_Blonde's we are able to pay the bills. While we never expect it, we are grateful for every cent we get. Additionally, we do have an amazon wish list if you desire to pick us up something off that list! You can find that link [here!](