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I'm a gamer girl who loves cats!

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~ I'm Fish! I stream Nintendo only for the most part, usually Zelda and Metroid. Tons of randos, especially LttP and MM. Next planned non-rando is OMORI.~ ~If you hear a meow in the background, that is Rocky! He's a brown tabby with a lot of sass.~
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Detailed rules can be found by clicking the Rules Banner above. If you don't want to read all that, here's the basics: 1. Don't be a jerk. DON'T. BE. A. JERK. 2. Refrain from over-the-top lewdness. This means no graphic stuff. A well played "that's what she said" will get a laugh out of me! 3. Respect others' game choices. This means not calling their game "stupid", "garbage", or "boring". 4. Respect my moderators, and don't argue with them. 5. Just respect everyone in general. Lastly, have fun! This is a channel for chilling and chatting through gaming!


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There's a couple pieces of official Feesh Merch available via Streamlabs! More coming whenever!