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Formerly ForgottenKnight. Old School Gamer in a New School world! I've been playing games for nearly 30 years now and love every aspect of it, hope to share this journey with y'all and lets have fun! :D

System Specs

***Gaming Rig**** AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core 3.8 GHz Radeon 5700XT 8GB Graphics Card 16 GB DDR4 Ram 500GB SSD m.2 ASRock AB350 Pro4 Motherboard Razer Electra V.2 headphones Logitech G302 Mouse MSi Optix g24c 144hz 24" LG 24" 60Hz monitor ***Stream PC**** AMD FX Black 8350 8-Core 3.2 GHz Evga GTX 770 Graphics Card 16GB DDR3 Ram 500GB Seagate HDD MSi 970 Gaming Series Mobo Logitech 630 HD 1080P Webcam Blue Snowball iCE Mic (Uses Streamlabs OBS to stream 720pHD60)

***About ME***

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Early 30's, loves discussion, completely unbiased on most things and willing to talk about most things from either side, granted, as long as I know about said topic and I have an educated opinion. I've been playing games ever since I could hold a controller. Video games, Board games, card games, Trading Card Games(Magic:The Gathering mostly), I have a deep passion for all of it and I love playing them. I would really like to make it big in this scene because I love every aspect of it, playing games with my buddies, enjoying conversation with people from across the globe(even trolls) and of course making a living doing what i love(isn't that what we all want). So come help a guy out and help me make it big. I'm ready to put in the work for a viewership and make my dreams come true, will you help me? Love ya'll. Cya in the interwebs!

Know thine rules, lest ye be struck down!

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Don't be rude to other viewers... Cursing is fine, just don't over do it... I do not tolerate any type of bullying, I get trolling is an art form, but it can be taken to far and I will strike you down...

Types of Games I Play

I specialize in RPGs(JRPGs, Tactic RPGs, ARPGs) Strategy games, if I can level and build something, I'm in heaven lol. I play all sorts of FPS and Survival games, but my heart lies in RPGs. Also have a fancy for city building and building games in general.

Alms for the poor

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I'll never ask, but if you can help with anything. That'd be awesome and shall be GREATLY appreciated :) Just Click the Pic

My Twitter!

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Come follow your boy and support, I will try my hardest to fill it with awesome stuff on a daily! :D