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it’s “FLAMING THESPIAN” not “flaming the spain” ;-; I just like fire and theatre 🅱️lease……..


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I have a VODS channel, but it's under construction at the moment! You can check out some old VODS here.


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Hello gamers! -I'm FlamingThespian. You can call me any variation on that, or Talia! My pronouns are she/her. I'm just a variety streamer who likes to play and create video games, and loves to hear herself talk. -I'm 23 years old, and I recently graduated from university where I studied Theatre, Cognitive Science, Video Game Design, and Artificial Intelligence. -My streams are a fun place to hang out, and typically rated "PG-13," I don't shy from swearing or making risque jokes. I also make up weird songs about whatever I'm doing a lot, so apologies in advance for that. -I'm a VTuber! I haven't deemed the world ready yet to experience my true form, so if you're wondering what I look like, just imagine a stick figure with glasses and giant tits. -I like many games! Too many to list! (But my #1 is and always will be Hatoful Boyfriend <3) -I'm bi, so no one is safe from my flirtations. -This is not a place for bigotry or anyone who thinks less of anyone else due to gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religious beliefs, etc. All are welcome here except for those who are unwelcoming. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your stay!


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All donations are 100% VOLUNTARY and NON-REFUNDABLE