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Hi friends! Привет, заходите поболтать. Любимый жанр РПГ.

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Hi! My name is Max. I live in Russia, Kursk. I stream almost any kind of games old and new. But usually blind playthroughs of singleplayer story games. Love to find some weird old games. But also used to play a lot in SC2(master league), Overwatch(master league), LoL, WoW. I stream in english and in russian mostly it depends on language in chat. Also study german and japanese but cannot speak them yet. Always glad to talk about fantasy, books, movies, games, languages and meet new people. Favourite Games: Planescape: Torment, Dragon Age, Total War Series, Mount & Blade, "All Blizzard games", Stronghold Crusaders, They are billions. Favourite Movies: Parasites (2019), Shoplifters (2018), Lord of the Rings.
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Привет, зовут Макс, живу в Курске. Стримлю обычно одиночные игры почти всех жанров и годов, люблю находить что-нибудь редкое и забытое. Но при этом много играл в SC2(master league), Overwatch(master league), LoL, WoW. На стриме отвечаю и на русском и на английском, зависит от того на каком языке пишут в чате. Учу еще немецкий и японский. Всегда рад поговорить по языки, любые игры, книги, фильмы, аниме.


You can follow me on my social media accounts. - [Twitter]( - [Steam]( - [Facebook](11) - [Vkontakte]( - [Youtube]( - [Instagram]( - [Discord](

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Usually start at 7-10 pm moscow time Начинаю обычно в 7-10 часов вечера, пока стримлю часто ночью.

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Посты про всё подряд что интересует и просто мысли.

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[Google-Documents-List]( You can Suggest your game, so i will consider playing them, or force me to play something immediately by a lump of money.

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If you follow me it's already a great support! But still you can click on Picture or link below. Follow!!^^ - [But still](


!sr (link to song on youtube) or (the name of the song) !8ball (question yes or no) !waifus !top10waifus !tuturu !wow and other 1000 commands Really, there are 1000 sound commands, you can try to find them by typing in chat.

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Кликнуть на картинку. Поддержка от зрителей. If left one doesn't work, click on this and when the web site opens at the very bottom of the screen click "english" to choose english language.