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Hi everyone! I'm FlipLegit a variety streamer on twitch usually FPS games. I am a Filipino-American LGBTQIA+ streamer from Texas just here trying to make it a party everyday! I stream Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays 6PM CST.

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Hello and welcome to the stream! You can call me Flip! This is a friendly channel of happy fun times and good vibes with the occasional tilt. Rules: Be respectful and kind to one another. All walks of life are welcome! Turtles get special treatment though. Try not to have extreme obscenities. But I do swear either out of panic or endearment. Everyone should be chill. If you follow these rules we will be just fine!
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Join the family! This is my discord and everyone there is like family! You'll find updates on current games I am playing and whenever I am about to stream! Current Games: Overwatch Skyrim Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons Valorant
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