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Hi every one, my name is Jim, and I am a 65 y/o gamer, YES I know OLD LMAO, but don't let that fool you. I'm an avid gamer and competitor. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy yourself :)

An OLD man who is a Video Gamer!

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Hi everyone and welcome to my channel. I started streaming on PC, July 16th 2014. The different communities are fantastic especially WARFRAME! I play BL2 & BL1 and even BL the Presequel. I'm a video gamer from way back when PONG first came out, so I've played many games on many different consoles. That's part of being OLD LOL Enjoy yourself and thanks :)

This room is rated MATURE. There will be cuss words, just so you KNOW :)

PC Specs

CyberPower Stealth Ronin 150 Desktop i5 processor-4570 3.2 Ghz 64 bit quad core. 8 GB DDR3 RAM. 2tb sata lll hard drive. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 ti 2GB video card.

Chat Room Rules

#1 My MOD's are the BOSSES of the chat room. #2 There's no BULLYING or BIGOTRY allowed. #3 If you wish to post a link or have a question, ask the MOD's. They are here to help. #4 Have FUN, talk about your gaming ups and downs, tell a joke just HAVE FUN HERE. #5 Myself and the MOD's are HUMAN we will make mistakes, BUT we will do everything we can to correct it also, so be a little understanding. OK :) #6 If in doubt about something ask a MOD for help, they are some of the sharpest people you'll meet. #7 If in DOUBT about anything REFER TO RULE #1

About me :)

Yes I am old so get use to it LOL :) I have a wonder full wife and children and YES grandchildren. My back ground is very colorful, to say the least. I am a former POLICE OFFICER with many years of duty, a former Navy man and I have a degree in computer engineering. I was at one time a " Paid Chat room Host " for a major company that use to have 1,000's of chat rooms. Yes I said thousands of chat rooms. Almost all of them did at one time, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL. Need to know more? Ask me, I may or may not want to answer the question :) either way I will tell you which.


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Donations are great to get, but in no way required. All donations will be used to upgrade my PC or get a newer one, pay bills, purchase new games for me and followers, actually used in all ways to provide for me and my family too. Either way I can not say this enough times' THANK YOU ' for being here with me. :) Jim aka flixster52

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