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Variety Streamer from the UK! I stream three days a week playing a load of COMMUNITY games - including Jackbox, Marbles and more! I also play variety games that the chat suggest! Join the FLOPPYLEGSS FAMIILY! For all business enquires, please email:

About Me

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Hi I'm Floppylegss! I'm 22 years old and from the UK! I have a strong passion for content creation and would love it to be a full time career in the future! I post content on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok and of course stream on twitch! I started streaming at the end of October 2020 and have loved every minute of it! If you enjoy what you see, I'd really appreciate you dropping a follow and joining the FLOPPYLEGSS FAMILY!

Floppylegss Discord

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Here's my new Discord! Join here to be able to play with me on streams where I play with viewers. I'm hoping to build more of a community feel so make sure to join the Discord so we can begin to do this!


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Donating is by no means necessary and I will never ask you to do so. If you do decide to donate, any money raised will be put back into improving the stream All Donations are non-refundable


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I aim to stream 3/4 days a week. If all things go to plan you should expect me live: Monday: 7pm-10pm Tuesday: 7pm-10pm Thursday: 7pm-10pm Sunday: 6pm-10pm I may be live longer or less than this and may miss a day here and there, I am at University after all!


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Here is my Instagram, this is where I post funny videos and more recently some clips from the stream. Would appreciate if you could drop it a follow!