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Hi there the Name is Fluffy or Jason either are just fine. Our goal on this channel to have a good time and make this community grow. I have no long term goals for twitch. I just want to have a place I can entertain.

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Hi The Name is Fluffy. A pleasure to meet you ^_^. If you went down here you wanted to learn more. Well I go by Jason or Fluffy and I am aspiring Voice actor who use Twitch for practice and to have fun.
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Warframe: JasonTheShark(Personal) Fluffy_Tales_Gaming (Stream) Ironsight: JasonCorn DwarfCultist Uplay: FluffyTalesG Epic: FluffyTales Steam: 57017566 THIS LIST WILL ALWAYS BE UPDATED FOR ANY MULTIPLAYER GAMES I JOIN! I LOVE PLAYING WITH NEW FREINDS AND PEOPLE!
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We are a baby discord but as we grow we shall upgrade and bring more! For now think of it as grabbing a pint and talking with your chums!
Panel Content I am new to Twitter but I do plan to post every time I go live.
Panel Content I got nothing on here yet but I do plan to upload something for you all to enjoy ^_^
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Big thanks for an awesome stinger! Please go check them out!
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A group of tremendous indiviuals I have the honor to be part of! We are a new group but with a leader like Awoken_Khaleesi you will not find a better community! Come follow us on twitter and support the THE AWOKEN ARMY!