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I’m just a small time variety streamer from a small town in Pennsylvania. It’s been my dream to be a full time content creator since I can remember. I play way too many different games so if you want give me some ideas for games you would enjoy watching!!!!


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Come check out my Twitter page! I'm going to be tweeting out every time I go live and a whole bunch of other things!

Foops Troop

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Come join the Foops Troop Discord channel! It is my personal Discord if you would like to join just click on the Discord banner!!!


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My name is Logan and i enjoy playing video games with friends. I'm hoping that if you stop by to hang out you'll get a few laughs out of us. I've always wanted to be a content creator and i would love to be able to make it full time.
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Are you one of the very best or are you just starting out on your streaming adventure? Either way come join the Elite Community Discord! We have a bunch of amazing people trying to make their content creation dreams come true!