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Streamer. Dog trainer. Variety gamer.

The law / Rules

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Respect my mods. No sexual harassment. No politics. No talk of religion. No self promoting unless I said it's okay.


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Hi you can call me Forbidden. I play wide variety of games. Including single player titles and multiplayer ones. If your new and want to play hit that follow button. We are an 18 + channel. We strive for a welcoming, supportive and positive community.

Tip some treats!

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Hi! Would you like to go the extra mile and help keep the stream alive? Consider tipping. It's the best way to give the most financial directly. Thank you for considering this choice.

Social Media Twitter

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Want to know what I'm playing? Like twitter polls? Gaming news? Check my Twitter.

Social Media Instagram

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Check out my Instagram to see when I go live, Dog training tips videos and more!