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Hey all, Forlo here, I play Call of Duty competitively, and here and there will toy around with other games. If you have any game suggestions, don't forget to mention them when you tune in, Thanks for hanging out with me!


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Click the button above to get sent to my twitter, where you can keep up with my life and see when I'll be going live!


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Click the button above to get sent to my youtube page, I may not upload THAT often, but every so often you'll see a vid! Go check it out.

Tipping me

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So guys, Here i have a button that brings you to a page where you can donate any amount of money to help out my stream. This will only increase my the quality of the stream and I'm very grateful to whoever can donate. Now you can chose how much, so donate as much or as little as you would like. Have a great day!

About me

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Streamer for @SOAL_Esports, Cod AM. I stream many sorts of games, any questions just drop them in the chat!

Gaming Setup

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So heres kind of my main setup and what equipment i use: Mouse - Logitech g502 Keyboard - Corsair K65 Monitors - 2 BenQ RL2450HT Professional, 1 Acer 1ms 144hz Gaming Monitor Computer Specs: Graphics Card - EVGA RTX 2060 Super RAM - 32gb Corsair vengeance Processor - Intel i7 7700k