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Hello my name is Scott I'm the founder and leader of Dark Valkyr (Gaming Community), I am a pretty diverse gamer I play lots of betas and also I play every genre under the sun from FPS to MMORPGs. you name it and I most likely play it!

Youtube Channel

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This is my youtube channel where I will be posting all of my previous twitch streams if you guys ever miss them! #If you click the image it will take you to my youtube channel!


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All Donations are very much appreciated, god bless. #If you click the image it will take you to paypal!

Story of Bobby The Redneck

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So.. many have asked and I'm tired of re explaining so ill just add this panel here for you guys to read so here we go. It all started as myself growing up on a farm and having a redneck as a stepdad (whom is quite the badass I might say) and going to a small town / smallcity highschool and my friends and i used to make redneck jokes because many of them give us shit for being different (since we were kind of the punks in highschool) So from there I made friends with Gunnar (DVElfman) about 7 years ago than Tanner (Leviathan_I) and Gunnar started saying "Trucks Fuckin Queer" and it then we just went on a wild tangent with it making all sorts of jokes and talking in redneck accents. After that we kind of just totally forgot about it until I was playing H1Z1 and Gunnar reminded me of all of our inside jokes and it just dawned on me and ive been streaming for a few months at this time and im a very small time streamer but it seems that when i play as that character and stream a lot of people really enjoy watching and laughing at my antics so this is pretty much it and I truely hope you guys enjoy! (All jokes comments and other random profanity that I say as I act as Bobby is not how I ever view things and please dont take it to heart) And thanks for reading!