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Animal Artist - Digital Art - Traditional Art - Needle Felting - Chill Games


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Hello and thank you so much for stopping by! I'm Foxieful and I am a full-time artist who dedicates myself to animals. I adore talking about, educating and sharing my animal themed work with the world. It's really important to me that the creatures of our planet get the appreciation that they deserve - and that goes for extinct animals too! Character artwork is also something else that I am heavily involved in, along with fantasy/whimical art too. Life is so much more interesting with a bit of myth, legend, magic and imagination! I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time here and that we can become good friends. :) Art by: CamiPawz


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If you would like to purchase physical artwork then my Etsy store is just the place for you! An assortment of original art and needle felted sculptures can be found there and are looking for a forever home. Click on the adorable fox above and she will take you there! Art by: CamiPawz


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Commissions are currently open and I offer a variety of different artwork including: - Needle felted sculptures - Traditional illustrations - Digital illustrations - Animal/pet portraits - PNG tubers I'm looking at making a Ko-Fi to put everything together and to make things easier. But for now feel free to message me for inquiries! Art by: CamiPawz


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Stream pet interactions: - !feed - !dance - !attack Stream commands: - !lurk - !hug - !socials - !shop Art by: CamiPawz


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Please do not feel obligated to give a donation in any way, shape or form. The fact that you choose to bless me with your presence in my stream is honestly more than I can ever ask for! Whether you wish to chat or lurk, I want you to know that I truly appreciate you and that you matter. <3 However, if you really would like to support myself and the channel, simply click on the foxy above and she will direct you to the appropriate page. And thank you so incredibly much! Art by: CamiPawz