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boops and such

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**Sup, sup?**: My name is Francis, you can call me frants. My pronouns are he/they and I'm an Asian-American from California. **Whatcha play?**: Currently just whatever I feel like. **When do you stream?**: It's random right now, but we'll get back to a schedule soon. Beanie gang, beanie gang, beanie gang.
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**Click above to support me and my channel!** Tips/Donos are never necessary, but are always appreciated. Currently trying to get a 3070/3080, a Shure SM7B & a new mic arm. Thanks! Sub Sound Alert: by one of my best friends: [@AlusiveFirefly]( **Music Playlists** (when played): curated by [Cookin Soul]( and [GameChops]( Discord: [Come hang out!](
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For my safety AND your safety, this is an 18+ channel. Please respect this as best as possible. Safe spaces! 1. No sexism. No racism. No homophobia. No hate. 2. Don't backseat game. I'll ask if I need help. 3. Treat each other like human beings. 4. Listen to the mods. 5. Use the promo page in Discord for promotions. 6. This is a safe space, enjoy yourselves, have fun.